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Other titre : L'impact de l'éducation en éthique pour la science du laboratoire médical.

dc.contributor.advisorDellah, Carolyn
dc.contributor.authorLeal, Sharon
dc.description.abstractTeachers and students were asked what ethics education is offered in their program. The survey of the teachers regarding ethics education revealed some differences between english and french schools. It was found that franch schools favoured ethics courses taught by philosophers while english schools favoured ethics courses taught by health care providers. Furthermore, case studies were reported to be used more often in english schools and more often in assignments. However, regarless of the differences, 87 % of teachers agreed that ethics training is a high priority and most teachers thought that ethics training in their programs was adequate. At same time, students were asked to answer some questions that involved ethical dilemmas wherein some moral decisions would have to be made. Their responses revealed their level of moral development, based on Kohlberg's theory of moral development. The impact of ethics courses in the curriculum on moral development was correlated taking into account what ethics education students actually received with what year-of-study they were in (1st year, end of program or two years post graduation). Students were presented scenarios about falsifying records, communication, student dishonesty and preanalytical impact on patient care. These are authentic issues that technologists face on a daily basis. In reply to multiple-choice questions, respondents chose, in order of personal preference, the three best answers out of six offered to complete a statement regarding ethics. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Studies), employing crosstabulations and Oneway Anova. Factors including respondents age range, mother tongue, gendre, and years of schooling were considered.
dc.publisherUniversité de Sherbrooke
dc.rights© Sharon Leal
dc.subjectÉthique médicale
dc.subjectEnseignement collégial
dc.subjectTechniciens de laboratoire médical
dc.titleThe impact of ethics education in medical laboratory science.
dc.title.alternativeL'impact de l'éducation en éthique pour la science du laboratoire médical.
dc.typeEssai au collégialé d'éducationîtrise Éd.

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