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    • A silicone nanocrystal tunnel field effect transistor

      Harvey-Collard, Patrick; Drouin, Dominique; Pioro-Ladrière, Michel (2014)
      Abstract : In this work, we demonstrate a silicon nanocrystal Field Effect Transistor (ncFET). Its operation is similar to that of a Tunnelling Field Effect Transistor (TFET) with two barriers in series. The tunnelling ...
    • Organization of silicon nanocrystals by localized electrochemical etching

      Ayari-Kanoun, Asma, Drouin, Dominique, Beauvais, Jacques, Lysenko, Vladimir, Nychyporuk, Tetyana, Souifi, Abdelkader (2009)
      Abstract : An approach to form a monolayer of organized silicon nanocrystals on a monocrystalline Si wafer is reported. Ordered arrays of nanoholes in a silicon nitride layer were obtained by combining electron beam ...
    • Silicon nitride nanotemplate fabrication using inductively coupled plasma etching process

      Ayari-Kanoun, Asma; Jaouad, Abdelatif; Souifi, Abdelkader; Drouin, Dominique; Beauvais, Jacques (2011)
      Abstract : In this work, we have investigated the fabrication of ordered silicon nitride nanohole arrays as part of an overall process aimed at producing organized silicon nanocrystals. The authors have demonstrated that ...