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dc.contributor.authorRoy, Élisefr
dc.contributor.otherBamvita, Jean-Mariefr
dc.contributor.otherZang, Gengfr
dc.contributor.otherJutras-Aswad, Didierfr
dc.contributor.otherArtenie, Adelinafr
dc.contributor.otherLevesque, Anniefr
dc.contributor.otherBruneau, Juliefr
dc.description.abstractObjectives. To empirically determine a categorization of people who inject drug (PWIDs) recently infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV), in order to identify profiles most likely associated with early HCV treatment uptake. Methods.The study population was composed of HIV-negative PWIDs with a documented recent HCV infection. Eligibility criteria included being 18 years old or over, and having injected drugs in the previous 6 months preceding the estimated date of HCV exposure. Participant classification was carried out using a TwoStep cluster analysis. Results. FromSeptember 2007 to December 2011, 76 participants were included in the study. 60 participants were eligible for HCV treatment. Twenty-one participants initiated HCV treatment.The cluster analysis yielded 4 classes: class 1: Lukewarm health seekers dismissing HCV treatment offer; class 2: multisubstance users willing to shake off the hell; class 3: PWIDs unlinked to health service use; class 4: health seeker PWIDs willing to reverse the fate. Conclusion. Profiles generated by our analysis suggest that prior health care utilization, a key element for treatment uptake, differs between older and younger PWIDs. Such profiles could inform the development of targeted strategies to improve health outcomes and reduce HCV infection among
dc.relation.ispartofHepatitis research and treatmentfr
dc.rightsAttribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 2.5 Canada*
dc.subjectHepatitis Cfr
dc.subjectIntravenous drug abusefr
dc.titlePortraying persons who inject drugs recently infected with hepatitis C accessing antiviral treatment : a cluster analysisfr
udes.description.typepubRévisé et accepté par des pairsfr
udes.description.diffusionDiffusé par Savoirs UdeS, le dépôt institutionnel de l'Université de Sherbrookefr
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationBamvita, J.-M., Roy, É., Zang, G., Jutras-Aswad, D., Artenie, A. A., Levesque, A., Bruneau, J. (2014). Portraying persons who inject drugs recently infected with hepatitis C accessing antiviral treatment : a cluster analysis. Hepatitis research and treatment, 2014(2014), 7 pages. doi:10.1155/2014/631481fr
udes.description.sourceHepatitis research and treatmentfr
udes.description.ordreauteursBamvita, Jean-Marie; Roy, Élise; Zang, Geng; Jutras-Aswad, Didier; Artenie, Adelina; Levesque, Annie; Bruneau, Julie

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Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 2.5 Canada
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