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    • Deep transcriptome annotation enables the discovery and functional characterization of cryptic small proteins

      Samandi, Sondos; Roy, Annie; Delcourt, Vivian; Lucier, Jean-François; Gagnon, Jules; Beaudoin, Maxime; Vanderperre, Benoît; Breton, Marc-André; Motard, Julie; Jacques, Jean-François; Brunelle, Mylène; Gagnon-Arsenault, Isabelle; Fournier, Isabelle; Ouangraoua, Aida; Hunting, Darel; Cohen, Alan; Landry, Christian; Scott, Michelle; Roucou, Xavier (2017)
      Abstract : Recent functional, proteomic and ribosome profiling studies in eukaryotes have concurrently demonstrated the translation of alternative open-reading frames (altORFs) in addition to annotated protein coding ...