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Other titre : A case study of teaching and learning practice in a Chinese adult institution

dc.contributor.advisorSerre, Fernandfr
dc.contributor.authorQiuping, Jifr
dc.description.abstractThe present study grew out of one Chinese adult institute. Relatively few works are available that present a view of what actually happens in Chinese adult teaching and learning practice. Accordingly, it is believed that a case study on Tianjin Institute of Training Economic Management Personnel (TITEMP) which has been working for years in various forms of adult programs, will be very useful addition to the knowledge of Chinese adult teaching and learning. The primary purpose of the present study is to serve as an introduction to one Chinese adult institute (TITEMP) in terms of characteristics of teaching, including selecting teaching content and teaching pattern, and to expand the understanding of Chinese adult teaching and learning. Based on the experiences of teachers at TITEMP, the study seeks to investigate the issues of teacher's perceptions and attitudes of teaching and learning to obtain implications toward learning-centred and collaborative mode. The main sources of data are the interviews and results of the questionnaire. Questionnaire responses from 70 teachers with knowledge of adult teaching and learning are described and interpreted. The general findings of the study are that the existing adult teaching practice at TITEMP does not adequately account for the principles of adult learning in a collaborative mode with adult students. Adult learning is
dc.publisherUniversité de Sherbrookefr
dc.rights© Ji Qiupingfr
dc.titleÉtude de la pratique d'enseignement et d'apprentissage dans une institution de formation aux adultes en Chinefr
dc.title.alternativeA case study of teaching and learning practice in a Chinese adult institutionfr
dc.typeMémoirefrédagogiefré d'éducationfrîtrisefr

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