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Other titre : Alignement stratégique des systèmes interorganisationnels : le cas des entreprises manufacturières québécoises

dc.contributor.advisorHadaya, Pierrefr
dc.contributor.authorMarchildon, Philippefr
dc.description.abstractThis study had two main objectives. First, to identify and operationalize the key variables required to assess the strategic alignment of Inter-Organizational Information Systems (IOISs) in the context of dyadic relationships between manufacturers and suppliers. Second, to use a subset of these variables to test two alignment perspectives: fit as moderation and fit as gestalt. More precisely, four key dimensions tied to the study of IOISs alignment in the context of interorganizational relationship (relationship structure, antecedents, outcomes and IOISs usage) and the twenty-five variables that characterize them were identified. Results, from the gestalt and moderation alignment perspective's test show that when aligned together, joint actions (relationship structure), idiosyncratic investments (antecedents), diversity (IOISs usage) and internal integration (IOISs usage) become adequate predictors of the manufacturers' operational performance (outcomes). Thus, demonstrating the primordial role of IOISs alignment in manufacturer-supplier relationship and supporting the contingency theory and its underlying concept of
dc.publisherUniversité de Sherbrookefr
dc.rights© Philippe Marchildonfr
dc.subjectSupply chainfr
dc.subjectBusiness relationshipsfr
dc.subjectInterorganizational information systems (IOISs)fr
dc.subjectContingency theoryfr
dc.titleThe strategic alignment of interorganizational information systems the case of Quebec manufacturing firmsfr
dc.title.alternativeAlignement stratégique des systèmes interorganisationnels : le cas des entreprises manufacturières québécoisesfr
dc.typeMémoirefrème d'information et méthodes quantitatives de gestionfré d'administrationfrîtrisefr

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