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Other titre : On-demand service architecture for wireless vehicular networks

dc.contributor.advisorCherkaoui, Soumayafr
dc.contributor.authorCoronado, Etienne Sfr
dc.description.abstractVehicular Networks (VN) or VANETS has become a cutting-edge topic in the development of innovative solutions for the automotive industry and of special interest to transit management authorities. Well known examples of the potential benefits of enabling communications in vehicles is fostering a better driving by reducing the risk of accidents on the road. Besides the transmission of safety messages among vehicles in the vicinity, the development of non-safety applications will allow the delivery of information services to potential users willing to request them in on-demand basis. To provide such type of services, major challenges need to be tackled to offer secure and reliable communication in anonymous and sometimes hostile communication environments on the roads. These challenges cover security, billing and accounting issues to provide a secure access to services. The objective of this thesis work is to propose a service architecture for on-demand services in vehicular environments. A key point to keep a robust information service supply, stands in the capacity to provide and manage security mechanisms which comprise authentication and authorization of subscribers following a temporary subscription model. These features, along with privacy mechanisms, will offer to the communicating peers a secure way to mutually access and exchange information even if no previous knowledge of each other is available. Policies of service providers can regulate the supply of information services according to the subscribers' profiles. Providers can also define the implementation of accountability models in the form of metering and billing schemes appropriate for VANETS. This will result in the implementation of incentive and collaborative mechanisms to foster service delivery among
dc.publisherUniversité de Sherbrookefr
dc.rights© Etienne S Coronadofr
dc.subjectArchitecture de servicesfr
dc.titleUne architecture de services sur demande pour les communications sans fils véhiculairefr
dc.title.alternativeOn-demand service architecture for wireless vehicular networksfr
dc.typeThèsefrénie électriquefré de géniefr

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