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Other titre : Applying the MASW method to estimate the thickness of superficial layers in concrete

dc.contributor.advisorBallivy, Gérardfr
dc.contributor.advisorRhazi, Jamal-Eddinefr
dc.contributor.authorShahsavari, Vahidfr
dc.description.abstractNowadays, many environmental and climatic factors such as weathering actions, temperature variation, chemical attacks, abrasion and other degradation processes can cause near surface damage (0.0 m to 0.5 m) to most concrete structures exposed to severe environmental conditions. As such, the spread of such damage and, subsequently, the loss of mechanical properties of materials are very progressive in long term. The main purpose of Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) method is to 1) characterize near surface damage in concrete structures as a nondestructive testing procedure, 2) estimate the thickness of superficial layers and determine shear-wave velocity (V[subscript S]) profiles. The originality of this research is the application of MASW as a non-destructive method for the evaluation of near surface damage in concrete structures. Indeed, major applications of this method are concerning geotechnical applications. Experiments have been conducted on two concrete slabs (0.80 m, 3 m et 3.50 m) at IREQ with different typical simulated near surface pathologies in order to test the accuracy of MASW method. The results demonstrate that the MASW method has a potential to identify the homogeneity of concrete and estimate the thickness of superficial layers in concrete
dc.publisherUniversité de Sherbrookefr
dc.rights© Vahid Shahsavarifr
dc.subjectVitesse des ondes de cisaillementfr
dc.subjectDommage superficielfr
dc.subjectDalles de bétonfr
dc.subjectOndes de Rayleighfr
dc.titleL'application de la méthode MASW pour déterminer l'épaisseur des couches superficielles du bétonfr
dc.title.alternativeApplying the MASW method to estimate the thickness of superficial layers in concretefr
dc.typeMémoirefrénie civilfré de géniefrîtrisefr Sc.

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