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Other titre : Synthesis of iron carbide nanoparticles in an induction plasma reactor

dc.contributor.advisorGitzhofer, Françoisfr
dc.contributor.advisorAbatzoglou, Nicolasfr
dc.contributor.authorEslahpazir Esfandabadi, Rohamfr
dc.description.abstractIn this study nanometric iron carbide particles were produced by using an induction thermal plasma reactor. There are several applications for iron carbide particles in research and industry, such as in ferrofluids, magnetic recording and biosensors. We are focused in this project on its application as catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch reaction. Two different injection methods were used in this study. Suspension injection was used because of its capability to inject heterogeneous precursors, and solid injection was used to inject reactants with any desired molar ratio. The effect of several process parameters was investigated (plate power, injection rate, probe position, particle size and reactant ratio) and composition and morphology of produced powder were characterized using several characterization techniques including X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), and specific surface area measurement using BET method. XRD results showed that the produced powder has about 50% of iron carbide alongside other phases such as pure iron, austenite and graphite. SEM and TEM images revealed that nanometric particles with a diameter between 10-50 nm were produced alongside larger particles with diameter between 1 to 3 [micrometer]. High resolution TEM images showed that the produced nanometric particles have a core-shell structure and that they are embedded in an amorphous carbon. A new method has also been developed to collect the produced nanopowder in a liquid in order to minimize nanoparticle dispersion into the air, and protect pyrophoric nanoparticles from air
dc.publisherUniversité de Sherbrookefr
dc.rights© Roham Eslahpazir Esfandabadifr
dc.subjectRéaction Fischer-Tropschfr
dc.subjectInjection de suspensionfr
dc.subjectCarbure de ferfr
dc.subjectPlasma inductiffr
dc.titleSynthèse de nanoparticules de carbure de fer dans un réacteur à plasma inductiffr
dc.title.alternativeSynthesis of iron carbide nanoparticles in an induction plasma reactorfr
dc.typeMémoirefrénie chimiquefré de géniefrîtrisefr Sc.

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