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    • Effects of postnatal environmental tobacco smoke on non-nutritive swallowing-breathing coordination in newborn lambs

      Duvareille, Charles; St-Hilaire, Marie; Samson, Nathalie; Bakirtzian, Parseh; Brisebois, Simon; Boheimier, Mathieu; Djeddi, Djamal-Dine; Doueik, Alexandre A.; Praud, Jean-Paul (2013)
      While prenatal environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure is a well-known risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome, the effect of postnatal ETS exposure is less clear. The objective of this study was to investigate the ...
    • Effects of postnatal smoke exposure on laryngeal chemoreflexes in newborn lambs

      St-Hilaire, Marie; Duvareille, Charles; Avoine, Olivier; Carreau, Anne-Marie; Samson, Nathalie; Micheau, Philippe; Doueik, Alexandre; Praud, Jean-Paul (2010)
      Laryngeal chemoreflexes (LCR), which are elicited by the contact of liquids such as gastric refluxate with laryngeal mucosa, may trigger some cases of sudden infant death syndrome. Indeed, while LCR in mature mammals consist ...
    • Effects of reflux laryngitis on laryngeal chemoreflexes in newborn lambs

      Carreau, Anne-Marie; Patural, Hugues; Samson, Nathalie; Doueik, Alexandre A.; Hamon, Julie; Fortier, Pierre-Hugues; Praud, Jean-Paul (2011)
      It has been suggested that reflux laryngitis (RL) is involved in apneas-bradycardias of the newborn. The aim of the present study was to develop a unique RL model in newborn lambs to test the hypothesis that RL enhances ...